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Welcome to Mr. G's page!

Hi! My name is Luis A. Gonzalez (Mr. G), and this is my fourth year teaching at Huntington Park High School! This school year, I have the honor of being your child’s Social Studies teacher— teaching them in either my Advisory, US History, and/or Advanced Placement (AP) Government and Politics or regular Government/Economics class.

As I share with my students, education has been transformative in my life. Had it not been for the support from my teachers growing up in Santa Ana, CA, I do not think I would be where I am today. Despite growing up low-income, in a single-parent household, and undocumented, in 2019 I graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies, where I attended on a full scholarship. Then, in 2020, I graduated from Stanford University with a Master of Arts degree in Education and a Social Studies teaching credential. These successes are due in large part to my teachers, and I want to do everything I can so my students have access to achieve their goals, as well. 

To support them, I am committed to:
  • Building positive relationships with them and leveraging these relationships in our classroom to maximize learning and a sense of belonging.
  • Facilitating a relevant and empowering history education where students build an understanding of the past and make connections to what is happening today.
  • Championing equity and opportunity (as my teachers did for me!).
Moreover, the work of supporting students requires all of us to work together. As such, I ask that you regularly ask them what we have been learning in class, check in to see if they have completed their independent work from class, and encourage them to stay positive, participate in class, and communicate their needs to me. A great tool to support you in keeping track of their progress is to create a Parent Portal and to link your portal with our learning management system, Schoology. If you need support with this, check out the HPHS website or call our main office at (323) 826-2300.

Please reach out to me with questions, comments, or ideas you have. You can contact me either by email [email protected] or by texting/calling my Google Voice number (323-484-6021). Students can also share with you our class Remind codes so you can sign up through that messaging app for reminders that I send students.

I am here to serve you and my students, and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things we will accomplish together.
In community,
Mr. G
Period 1: US History 
Period 2: Conference
Period 3: AP Gov & Politics
Period 4: US History
Period 5: Conference 
Period 6: US History
Period 7: Government
Period 8: AP Gov & Politics
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