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Mr. Garcia's Page

Hello Everybody!
My name is Mr. Ruiz-Garcia, but I only go by Garcia. I am one of the Math RSP teachers. This year I am co-teaching Algebra 1 with Mr. Mesinas and lead the Math Learning Center.
You can find the syllabus for the Math Learning Center down below. Please Check Mr. Mesinas' page if you need to see his Algebra 1 syllabus.
You can find me in the following locations:
  • 2nd Period: Room 125
  • 5th Period: Room 125
  • 7th Period: Room 125
  • 8th Period: Room 125
  • 3rd Period: Room 38
  • 6th Period: Room 38
  • 1st Period: Room 125 or Room 107
  • 4th Period: Room 125 or Room 107
Google Voice: (323) 250-6532
Room 125 Extension: 63819
Class Schedule:
  • 1st Period: Conference
  • 2nd Period: Math Learning Center
  • 3rd Period: Co-Teach Algebra 1
  • 4th Period: Conference
  • 5th Period: Math Learning Center
  • 6th Period: Co-Teach Algebra 1
  • 7th Period: Math Learning Center
  • 8th Period: Math Learning Center